ArtWork, CREATIVE DESIGNS by Michèle, a luxurious collection of rugs reflecting 3 keywords

u n i q u e      c o l o u r f u l      p i e c e o f a r t


Initially, Vantyghem Fashionable Flooring sold carpets manufactured by machine, but we soon supplemented our business with hand-knotted carpets which were purchased back then via an importer. In the course of time, we preferred to plot our own more exclusive course. And so, we set off for the East to set up our own import of locally produced and 100% hand-knotted carpets. In the beginning it was certainly an exciting adventure to visit the manufacturers in person, mainly in India and Pakistan, and opt enthusiastically for our own collection with unique items which can't be found anywhere else. Moreover, we select carpets not only for their design, but also for their quality, which we inspect on site for ourselves. From the start, we've always strived for the highest possible standards and we still absolutely refuse to accept anything else.


Selecting carpets is one thing, but developing your own collection really is another matter. It certainly has involved a lot of hard work, but you need the passion for that if you're going to achieve your dream. After two years of intensive preparation, we finally launched CREATIVE DESIGNS by Michèle.

At the moment, the collection consists of 17 hand-knotted carpets, each of which has a design and colour which we have chosen ourselves. In an increasingly digitalised and impersonal world, we aim to use our exclusive designs to create a special touch and a personal interpretation. We turn each carpet into a masterpiece thanks to our years of contact with the local manufacturers in India and the fact that we create and select each work of art personnaly on site. Striking colour combinations and traditional patterns in a design give you not just a carpet, but a narrative. We want to share that narrative with our customers.

Dare something different & let's do crazy!

With a passion for textiles and handicraft, we create a piece of art to brighten up your home!