5 most popular restaurants, Delhi.

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5 most popular restaurants, Delhi.

Many of us travel for business on a regular basis. When visiting a city for work purposes, my focus is usually on the job at hand. However, after a decade of traveling regularly for business, I’ve figured out ways to both have my cake AND eat it — in other words, have fun and explore local restaurants when I’m not working.

That’s right, it’s possible to do touristy stuff even when you’re on a business trip and here’s where I love to go:

  • Olive Bar & Kitchen restaurant

A beautiful mogul mansion with its tree-lined white-pebbled courtyard, whitewashed walls, a vast Banyan canopy and blue-and-white furniture and lanterns, dappled sunlight on soft armchairs and a stunning, star-lit, and a tree-top terrace bar under the shadow of the Qutub Minar makes it the best local restaurant in Delhi. The Olive Bar & Kitchen feels like a Mediterranean oasis in the middle of New Delhi. Chef Dhruv Oberoi heads a team of young and talented chefs and commands an accessible European menu of refreshing plates such as sea crab and tangerine ceviche, Berber spice-cooked sand lobster and cauliflower, and cuttlefish meatballs. There is also a selection of cheese-based dishes sourced from artisanal fromageries, such as soufflé or burrata tarte tatin.

The Olive Qutub is a hideaway where good food, laughter, culture and conversation come together in a delightful melting pot. Fashion, art, music and style fuse in The Olive to create an unforgettable Mediterranean mosaic.

Must try:

  • On toast, Lox & Sour cream: Scottish smoked salmon.

  • Sumac-spiced chicken: sumac-marinated and blackened chicken leg. Sumac is a wine-colored spice made from dried berries, it has a lemon-lime tartness and gives a deep warm color to the chicken.

  • Macarons: flaky meringues filled with joy and love. Ask for the blended Indian origin chocolate flavored filling of the day!

Enjoy this restaurant


- Sevilla restaurant at The Claridges

Sevilla restaurant has impressed many, and its beautiful ambiance is one of the recurring reasons. Sevilla offers a dining experience that delights the senses. Walking into Sevilla is like entering a fairy tale. There’s the magical ambience with lit-ip pathways, trees and a staircase that will lead you to the indoor section. The outdoor seating is a star, with its white fences and comfy seats under softly-lit pavilions, adorned with chandeliers and candles on the tables.

This restaurant is designed to delight your senses. The arresting ambience is accompanied by an eclectic Mediterranean menu. The specialities at Sevilla are wood fired pizzas, the tapas selection, paella and the house special sangria.

Must try:

  • Vegetarian tapas Polenta roll stuffed with olive tapenade and sun dried tomato with cauliflower purée.

  • Vegetarian tapas Josper grill ceps, mushrooms with garlic aioli.

  • Pizza Quattro stagioni.

  • Homemade sorbet raspberry.

Don’t forget to ask for the homemade sangria!

Enjoy this restaurant...


  • 1911 – All day dining restaurant & verandah lounge

Intriguing name, a historic ambience and a smorgasbord of world cuisine, 1911 Restaurant is an abode for discerning diners showcasing Raj legacy like no other. Reminiscing the golden era and the year of emergence of New Delhi as the national capital of India, the restaurant interior, menu and service is truly a reflection of the Imperial India. Diners at 1911 Restaurant are treated to a wide and eclectic world cuisine with élan, in this all day dining restaurant.

The walls at the entrance adorn original views and photographs of Delhi and the interiors are replete with antiquities dating back to the days of the Raj.

The lavish verandah with blue pillars which were witness to the meetings by the eminent leaders during the independence era and the terrace overlooking the plush lawns which exudes an inimitable old world charm with its period art and historic ambience.

Must try:

  • Sunday brunch at 1911, delicious food, good variety and not as spicy!

Enjoy this restaurant ...


  • Yeti restaurant, The Himalayan Cuisine

Yeti restaurant is located at Hauz Khas village, one of the plushest markets in Delhi. Hauz Khas market has amazing buildings roughly colored by splotches of urban culture and is majorly famous for its infinite range of cafés and restaurants. Apart from hangout places, there also various store outlets of major trendy clothing brands in India which are famous for their extensive collections of apparels.

You can find the Himalayan Cuisine Yeti restaurant on the roof of the Raasta Bombay.

Must try:

  • Yeti special kothe momos, pan fried momos with juicy chicken filling and dips

  • Chicken Wai Wai, very flavorful

  • Sha Datshi, a Bhutanese dish with a creamy chicken and a soft ting mo bun in the side

  • Virgin Mojito

  • Thenthuksoup

Enjoy this restaurant ...

This place really make me feel happy!

  • Q'BA restaurant Connaught Place

Q’BA is a pretty decent multi-cuisine restaurant located in the inner circle of Connaught Place and covers over two floors with beautifully designed interiors and ambience. This place is known for live sports screening, live entertainment, classy ambiance, light music, fancy crowd and beautiful ambience.

QBA is best visited in the evening during the winter months, when one could sit on the terrace with patio heaters around and candle-lit tables. Beautiful ambiance and good food coupled with detailed variety of wines makes this place really romantic. The location is awesome though make sure that you have a cab called if visiting this place at night for a long drinking spree.

Must try:

  • Garlic naan

  • Chicken tikka butter masala

  • Dark chocolate mousse

Enjoy this restaurant


Even the most intense work trips are sure to have a bit of downtime. Sneak away to see a historic site during your lunch hour, take an early evening tour before dinner, or book tickets to a weeknight play. If you are moving around a city (or country) for work, figure out where you’ll be in relation to interesting sights and activities and plan out the best ways to use your downtime each day.

Local people might have ideas of interesting restaurants to see and do that you didn’t even know about. The last time I was in Delhi for work, a businessman took me to a restaurant for dinner. I would have never gone there on my own, and we ended up having a blast! We even had a few celebrity sightings (and brought back great stories at home)!

Try to identify ways to cut down on the time you spend working without sacrificing the quality of your work. By staying organized you can shave off precious minutes and spend more time enjoying your location.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you head off to Delhi for work or even for pleasure. Chances are you’ll get much more out of the experience.

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