Tough luck

Tough luck

Productcode: Tough luck

This carpet is knotted in India and is created through a unique combination of traditional design and modern production techniques. The end result is a unique artwork of the highest quality.


This transitional styled carpet is made using high quality of wool and bamboo silk, which not only makes it extremely durable and soft to walk on, but also provides a lustrous sheen that brings it to life. The colors come from natural vegetable dyes.


Wool /Bamboo silk:

Bamboo silk is a natural plant fiber that is extracted from the bamboo plant. It has much the same softness and lustrous sheen as genuine silk, and like cotton, bamboo is a breathable material. Bamboo silk is a sustainable and renewable resource and a price worthy alternative to genuine silk.

  • Specifications

    Rug ID     Tough luck

    Knot density     approx 200.000 knots per m²

    Thickness     7 mm   

    Age     Contemporary 0-20 years (not used)

    Origin     India

    Pile     Handspun wool and bamboo silk

    Warp     Cotton

    Manufacturing     Knotted by hand

    Size     250x300 cm 

    Made to measure

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    100 day money-back guarantee


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